Family Mediation

Family conflict is to be expected. Lingering conflicts can hinder a family’s ability to function whether the family members reside in one household or more. How conflicts are resolved has a significant effect upon a family.

Couples may wish to utilize an Annual Relationship Check-Up to take that special time to revisit their goals in their marriage on their anniversary or other significant memorable date.

Pre-Marital Mediation can assist couple is determining their goals for their marriage and how they will address goals such as children, secure finances and familial relationships.

Families may employ mediation to resolve conflicts between spouses or partners and parents and children. Married or unmarried partners may use mediation to negotiate issues in support of their desire to preserve the partnership. Mediation is also useful to clarify expectations when partners choose to live together or to live separately for a defined period of time.

Adult siblings dealing with decisions related to aging parents such as illness or disability and issues that surface relative to Wills or estates can be addressed through mediation.

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”
-The Talmud