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We  help individuals, families and organizations develop their internal resources to create more satisfying lives, more effective relationships and thriving organizations.

Mediation is the practice of addressing specific issues with the assistance of a third party. Clients create their own sustainable agreements, privately and informally. Consider mediation for resolving business issues, family concerns, organizational change and workplace disputes.


                                                       Separation/Divorce Mediation                                    
Married or unmarried partners who live or intend to live separately work with a mediator to come to their own agreements on issues that arise or need clarification as a result of the change in the family structure...


                                                                                   Pre-Marital Mediation


Talking about your goals for the two of you as you begin a relationship together married or unmarried, can assist in a greater understanding of the opportunites and challenges ahead.Planning for future events including children, finances, careers and more, can be of great assistance as you begin a journey together.

                                                       Couples Annual Aniversary Check-Up

An opportunity to check in with each other and revisit your goals annually enables couples to plan for the future while also checking in on the past years events. Families grow and change, along with our finances. A one hour check-up may help you to focus on the future.

                                                                             Family Mediation                                      
Family conflict is to be expected. How conflicts are resolved has a significant effect upon the family...

                                                      Workplace Mediation

65 percent of job performance deficiencies result from ineffective relationships, not ineffective employees...
Conflict resolution coaching provides individual support and education to help clients respond effectively to conflict and create more satisfying lives for themselves..
                                                                                     Collaborative Practice
Collaborative Practice is a way for divorcing couples to work together with trained legal professionals to create mutually acceptable settlements without going to court...

Conflict resolution and communication skills training is available for individuals and organizations...

Would you like to improve organizational and interpersonal communication and develop the ability to manage conflict and collaborate more effectively?...

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