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Living Beyond Loss

When a dispute reaches a level where third-party intervention is requested, something of value in a person’s life has been compromised, threatened, or seemingly lost. It may be your family as you've known it, you’re your livelihood or sense of financial security, your health or well-being. Often, neither the loss, nor the grief is acknowledged. Yet, unrecognized or denied grieving can appear as unrelenting anger or blame, driving a dispute and contributing to endless negotiations.

Acknowledging and honoring loss can create a significant shift in conflict dynamics. Compassionate listening and presence can help parties accept and work through the pain. If parties are asked not to feel what they are feeling, it inadvertently suggests that they should be in conflict with the truth of their experience and at odds with their own nature.

Grief is the normal, natural and conflicting feelings experienced when a familiar pattern of behavior ends or changes. All relationships have aspects of familiarity whether they are romantic, social, familial or business. Emotional attachments are essential to happy lives. The effective completion of attachments is equally important.

We can recover from significant loss, yet most of us are not aware of how to do that. Ask abot Individual coaching and group classes to support you in moving through a significant life change.

Beth D. Danehy, MA is Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. For information about the Grief Recovery Institute, visit

"We’re taught how to acquire things, not what to do when we lose them."
John W. James and Russell Friedman, Grief Recovery Institute


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