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Circle Process

A Circle is a way to bring people together in which everyone is respected and equally valued. Spiritual and emotional aspects of experience are welcomed and participants are invited to share their stories and perspectives.

A Circle is a "container" strong enough to hold intense feelings and diverse views. Circles provide an opportunity
  • for people to come together in a safe, supportive way
  • to understand some aspect of a conflict and develop a more complete picture of a situation,
  • to develop communication skills,
  • to bring together those affected by a particular circumstance,
  • to explore a problem or topic, and
  • celebrate achievements.
When nuclear families change, extended family and close friends are affected by the transition. They can be a source of support during the transition. Creating a circle can bring people together to support the family and to share viewpoints, ask questions and talk about the transition from many different perspectives.

  • How will in-laws interact with one another and with the former spouse?
  • How can extended family and community support the children directly experiencing the transition?
  • How are close friends affected, and how will they offer support throughout the transition and in the future?
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