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     John R. Piper, BA, has been providing coaching and conflict resolution services since 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Oswego, and the CAE designation from ASAE.

     John works with and has facilitated conflict transformation within families, organizations, associations and businesses.In addition, John has facilitated a variety of planning and implementation sessions for both large and small proffit and not for profit organizations.He is one of two preferred providers of mediation services to the University of Rochester Strong EAP client firms.

    He is a member of the Rochester Association of Family Mediators,The Rochester Area Group Psychotherapy Society, the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation; and also serves as President of the Board of Education for the Penfield Central School District.

Beth Danehy, MA, has been affiliated with Mutual Choices Mediation since 2004, and is currently on an educational sabbatical. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution from Antioch Midwest University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Richmond, VA.

Referring professionals say...
"As a psychologist, I have come to learn that how couples separate is often the best predictor of the quality of their relationship after the divorce. When the separation process can successfully move a couple from contention to consensus, from mud-slinging to problem solving, both people can begin to heal and renew their faith in relationships. In my opinion, mediation is the best process for helping couples move on and find their separate life paths.

Professional mediation requires enormous skill, training, empathy and patience. Beth Danehy brings all of these qualities and more to her mediation work. She goes beyond simply helping couples frame agreements: She tries to help them heal the pain they bring to the process so that they can truly begin the rest of their lives. I have referred a number of my patients to Beth, with excellent results. In fact, she is the only mediator in Rochester to whom I regularly refer. Beth's tact, intelligence, and trustworthiness make her an ideal mediator, and I am just so grateful to have her as a resource for my patients."
Aaron E. Black, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist

"My compliments on a very well thought out, comprehensive agreement. My client was very satisfied with the mediation process. It met her goals and expectations. (The client) was very well prepared and informed...I shared my comments and observations with her and legal fees were kept to a minimum, since I was starting with an informed client and a good solid document."
David R. Murch
Attorney and Counselor at Law Murch & Wise, PC

Beth has an amazing presence and balance of influence. With her intelligence, skill and purity of motive, Beth can transform misunderstanding into a learning experience for all involved. Beth brings a neutral perspective to the Collaborative table with a gentle invitation for us to question our assumptions, opening up possibilities for deeper dialogue and acceptable resolution."
Suzanne Brunsting
Collaborataive Attorney and Settlement Advocate

"Beth Danehy is a mediator with excellent credentials and a wealth of experience in conflict resolution. She uniquely couples acumen with compassion in ways that foster respect, and creative resolution of the conflict. Those who have been privileged to have been in her presence as mediator find her validating and encouraging to each party involved, while reaching agreements that are just, fair and enlightening. Ms. Danehy is a professional woman of integrity and intelligence, who is intrinsically a mediator."

Rev. Susan Shafer




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