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John Piper is a preferred provider of mediation services for University of Rochester Strong EAP client companies.

Check with your Human Resources Office for more information of call Strong EAP 585-475-0432.

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                   Mutual Choices Mediation Services

           Helping people negotiate change and resolve conflict.

  • Are you contemplating separation or divorce?
  • Is your family in conflict about issues related to an estate, a divorce, remarriage, serious illness or another challenging situation?
  • Are you struggling with a a co-worker, business partner, employer or employee?
  • Would you like to learn to work through and resolve conflict constructively and effectively?
  • Getting married? Pre- Marital Mediation can help you prepare for your life together.
  • Is a Couples Annual Relationship Check-Up needed?

Negotiations sometimes precede a change, and nearly always follow a change. Small changes are negotiated almost without notice. When changes are significant, negotiations take on an increased seriousness as the consequences become apparent, and more emotional responses emerge.

During these times, a third party can be helpful. Collaborative conflict resolution can expand perspectives and address multiple goals and interests--supporting the creation of more just and sustainable outcomes. As clients discover what they need to feel satisfied, they come to respect others’ perceptions and values and are able to make mutual choices.

Consider your options... call today for a private consultation.
(585) 244-1600





(Located off the 590 Expressway)
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